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One of HIYE's key roles is to raise awareness and stimulate discussion of health and environment issues. We do this in a number of ways. (Check the publications page for downloadable conference reports etc.)

  • Workshops - these quarterly events cover issues that are topical at the time and have an impact on health and environment. They are open to all. Following each workshop a report is produced to summarise the workshop and highlight the views of the participants. Topics have included:
    • The use of chemicals in everyday life and the wider health implications of using such chemicals. The workshop looked at the immediate and long-term effects on humans, other animals and our surrounding environment, as well as action currently being taken by organisations like Friends of the Earth to campaign against it. Following two presentations on this subject by key experts, the participants formed discussion groups to explore what we can do to change the use of these materials as individuals and as HIYE.  get report >
    • The disposal methods of waste and their effects on health. Looking at the implications of different waste disposal methods including incineration and landfill and then looking at a range of community/business activities that recycle goods for new products. Again, following these presentations discussions will be held on what can be done individually and as HIYE.  get report >
  • HIYE ran a conference on the theme 'What is a healthy community?' in October 2002.  get report >
  • Newsletter - HIYE produces a quarterly newsletter highlighting stories and issues that effect health and environment locally.
  • FEAT Seminars - a set of four events took place in autumn 1998, looking at issues of Food, Energy, Asthma and Transport and their links with health and environment. The seminars were planned by multi-sector groups and were well attended by people from a wide range of organisations. From these workshops a range of topic groups were formed including the Food Initiatives Group (FIG), Transport & Health Initiatives Group (THIG) and Affordable Warmth workstream. These groups have taken on the issues and actions raised as part of the FEAT seminars and have widened their activities over the past years to have a significant local impact.  get report >
  • We have helped to promote the Health Initiatives Budget, an annual fund provided by Nottingham Health Action Group to support local projects working on health and sustainable development.


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