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NEP Health and Housing Task Group

formerly Affordable Warmth


Health & Housing Task Group

During 2003 the Health Action Zone Affordable Warmth workstream merged with the Nottingham Energy Partnership Housing Task Group to become the Health & Housing Task Group. It also extended its remit to cover the Broxtowe & Hucknall, Gedling and Rushcliffe areas. It supports policy and practice that increases the use of renewable energy, including solar heating projects and improving energy efficiency.


Healthy Housing Referral Service

The Healthy Housing Referral Service has branched out as a City project to cover the Broxtowe & Hucknall, Gedling and Rushcliffe areas. HHRS delivers training to home care staff about the effects of cold, damp housing on people's health and what can be done to make homes warmer and more energy efficient in order to improve health. It also makes referrals for grants and home improvement services.


What is Affordable Warmth?

An energy efficient home is easier to keep warm and free from draughts and damp.

This is better for you and your family's health. Living in a cold, damp home can increase the risk of respiratory (breathing) illnesses, strokes and heart attacks. An energy efficient home is cheaper to run and gives you better value for money for what you spend on fuel. An energy efficient home does less damage to the environment. Protect the planet for your children's future.

Is your home making you ill?

If you cannot afford to heat your home to adequate levels, or if there is insufficient ventilation to prevent condensation and mould growth, your home could be making you ill. Your home should have:

  • high levels of insulation in the roof and walls
  • a controllable, affordable whole house heating system
  • adequate controlled ventilation

But there are also lots of low cost or even no cost ways to save energy.

What help can you get?

There are many different grants and discount schemes around. For example, Warm Front is a national Government scheme which can provide 100% grants for loft insulation, wall insulation and heating improvements. If you are over sixty and on a means tested benefit you may even be entitled to free central heating.


The Health Action Zone's Affordable Warmth workstream grew out of the FEAT seminars in autumn 1998. It has now merged with Nottingham Energy Partnership's Housing Task Group. The Chair is Gill Tidey, Director of Nottingham Energy Partnership; contact the group through NEP.

You can get information and help from the Healthy Housing Referral Project, which is now also located with Nottingham Energy Partnership.

Nottingham Energy Partnership
3rd Floor
Castle Heights Building
72 Maid Marian Way

tel 0115 985 9057


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