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Food Initiatives Group

Food was one of the themes of the FEAT seminars back in 1998, and the Food Initiatives Group (FIG) grew out of this work.

The Food Initiatives Group (FIG) is a not-for-profit, local food partnership run by people interested in promoting healthy, sustainable food in Greater Nottingham. FIG's members come from many different areas including the National Health Service, Local Authorities, the Soil Association and local farmers.

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FIG promotes the production and consumption of healthy, safe and affordable food, including locally grown and organic food. As such, FIG covers a broad range of topics which you can view using the links on the left hand side of the page.

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FIG believes that the food choices that we make, from production through to consumption, have a huge impact upon our health, the environment and the economy. FIG wants to help make this impact a positive one.

FIG ran a programme of workshops to discuss the issues and identify ways forward as part of the Soil Association's Food Futures programme. The group has developed a local Food, Health and Environment strategy and helped to promote allotment gardening, organic vegetable box schemes, Farmers' Markets and local shops. It is working with the health service on the ' 5 a day' programme to promote healthy eating. Funding for FIG's work has come from a range of sources including the Health Action Zone, local authorities and sustainability forums.



Alison Morris/Valerie Ponder
Food Initiatives Group
c/o Groundwork Greater Nottingham
35-37 St Mary's Gate

Tel 0115 979 9227


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