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Health Initiatives Budget

This fund for projects addressing aspects of health and sustainable development has been provided annually by Nottingham Health Action Team (previously Nottingham Health Action Group) since 1996. It has distributed 412,000 to 119 projects.

Summaries of these projects are now searchable here. Tick the boxes to narrow your search to the kind of resources you want, then click the button to get a list. Further instructions are below.

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The Text box lets you enter any word or phrase, then searches for it in the project title, lead organisation and project summary. Use this to find projects relating to a topic.

Year looks for projects funded by the HIB round(s) for that financial year.

Area looks for projects operating in a geographical area, based on local authority boundaries. "Nottingham Health District" means Broxtowe, Gedling, Nottingham City and Rushcliffe, plus Hucknall in Ashfield.

Each criterion you pick narrows the search - all must be matched. It's best to identify the key points for your search and leave the other items open. (Note: if you launch a query with no selections it will select all items in the database.)



Contact for further details

Helen Ross
Public Health Development Officer
Nottingham City PCT
Standard Court
1 Park Row

0115 912 3344



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