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Nottingham Health Action Team

(formerly known as NHAG)

Nottingham Health Action Group (NHAG) was established in 1996 as a multi-sector forum. The aim of NHAG is to identify action to address health and environmental issues and, through its networks and project funding, it has made significant improvements. NHAG is unique in operating at the point where environmental and health issues meet and can address some fundamental issues at this interface. It relates both to environmental effects on ill health and to health promotion and has contributed to Local Government and Health agendas. It has also operated the Health Initiatives Budget, providing grants to projects that meet its aims.

At the end of 2003, NHAG incorporated the Sub-Regional Strategic Partnership's Nottingham Health Action Team (NHAT) remit into its work. (Greater Nottingham Partnership, or GNP, is performing the role of Sub-Regional Strategic Partnership or SSP for the Greater Nottingham area.) The aim of the Nottingham Health Action Team is to contribute to achieving the best possible health, well-being and health services for all people living in Greater Nottingham. The focus of the NHAT is the economic agenda of the East Midlands region and improving the health of local people is a focus of the Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs). Close links between the LSPs and the Health Action Team is an integral part of the work.

The main areas of work are identified as follows.

  • To research into the economic impact of the health sector and to ensure the health sector plays an important part in the local economy.
  • To ensure that investment decisions taken by Greater Nottingham Partnership are influenced by health considerations.
  • To liaise with LSPs on health issues and, in conjunction with the LSPs, contribute to the best possible health, well-being and health services for all people living in Greater Nottingham.
  • Support and influence the work common to all SSP Strategic Action Teams (particularly Education and Training and the Environment) and the GNP.
  • To progress the existing work of the Nottingham Health Action Group including identifying and addressing the environmental causes of ill health and health inequalities, and specifically supporting Transport & Health Initiatives, Food Initiatives and Health & Housing work.


HIYE input

The Health in Your Environment voluntary sector forum (HIYE) makes an important contribution by raising and responding to issues in dialogue with NHAG and identifies useful actions that can be undertaken in partnership. There will be additional voluntary sector input into NHAG next year to help to address the new agenda and it will be important for this representation to co-ordinate with HIYE and the Community Networks to maximise the benefits.



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Nottingham City PCT
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