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Transport and Health Initiatives Group (THIG)

THIG developed from the FEAT seminars in 1998 to explore the links between health and transport. It's a partnership of the health sector, local authorities and voluntary organisations.



  • To identify and progress policy with a health and transport focus
  • To bring together appropriate partners to identify current problems and their causes, identify potential solutions and share good practice.
  • To identify key issues concerning transport, health and the environment in the conurbation including undertaking a Health Impact Assessment of the local transport plan.
  • To link local regional and national initiatives and strategies through the Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership (GNTP) & NHAG - encouraging local input to Health Delivery Plans / HIMPs - their development, setting of priorities and delivery and specifically via the CHD National Service Framework
  • Input the CHD National Service Framework into other policy areas of relevance eg LA21 policy documents and Local Transport Plan



THIG is developing the work on the Health Impact Assessment of the Local Transport Plan. A second stakeholder event was held in April 2003 and a report on progress and recommendations for further work will be available shortly.

The other main area of work has been the development of the Ridewise Adult Cyclist Training Service to offer help to people who would like to cycle more but lack the confidence and skills to do so. The development of Ridewise is a crucial part of the development of a sustainable and healthy transport network. Like many projects this has been slow to get off the ground, due to a number of teething problems; in our case, such as finding appropriate insurance. It is a tribute to the steering group and to John Clark, the consultant, that we have remained on the right road, and many of the issues are now being resolved. At a national level, Ridewise has contributed to the development of guidance and insurance and these are now available. Ridewise will be parked at Groundwork Greater Nottingham until it can be developed into a service in its own right.



Helen Ross
Nottingham City PCT
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