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HIYE was originally set up to act as a "think tank" feeding in to Nottingham Health Action Group (NHAG). Since that time the group has become increasingly involved in wider networks and now has links into many key strategic groups in the Greater Nottingham area.

HIYE members also participate in a range of local networking events like Nottingham Green Festival, an annual community event held in late August/early September.

Members of the HIYE coordinating committee are elected to represent HIYE on the following groups.


Nottingham Health Action Team (NHAT). One of HIYE's original objectives was to provide a broad-based voluntary sector feed-in to Nottingham Health Action Group (NHAG), a partnership of the health sector, local councils and voluntary organisations. Health and environment linkages were part of its remit to look at strategy. It has also operated the Health Initiatives Budget, providing grants to projects that meet its aims (you can now search the database of projects funded on this site). It has now altered its name and remit to take on part of the work of the Greater Nottingham Partnership. We continue to be represented.


Topic groups

A set of linked groups are taking the lead on health and environment work in Greater Nottingham. Their work arose from our FEAT seminars back in 1998, and we maintain close links.

The Health and Housing Task Group addresses proper heating of homes, especially for low income households, which improves health and saves energy.

Food Initiatives Group (FIG) is a partnership of public, private and voluntary organisations working on all aspects of food, health and environment.

Transport and Health Initiatives Group (THIG) is a partnership looking at transport, health and environment, from cycling for exercise to health impacts of local transport plans.


Local Strategic Partnerships

LSPs are cross-agency, umbrella partnerships that include all sectors of society ( public, private, community and voluntary) with the aim of working together to improve the quality of life in a particular locality. The Government sees them as the main mechanism for co-ordination in the delivery of better services. For more information go to www.neighbourhood.gov.uk.

There are four district-level strategic partnerships that cover the Nottingham Health District. Each LSP is set up in slightly different way, depending on the local circumstances and issues.


Sub-Regional Strategic Partnership

Greater Nottingham Partnership is the SSP covering the same area as the LSPs mentioned above. The aim of the SSP is to deliver the East Midlands region's economic strategy through partnership working. It has a number of Strategic Action Teams working on particular issues. We are represented on two:


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